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Garden Landscaper Sorrento

RR Landscapes specialise in garden landscaping services for home and properties in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula. It's not just great ideas that count, it's those ideas transformed into reality that matters.

Creative Landscapers Sorrento

RR Landscapes provide creative concepts, expertise and professional ability to design and construct your new garden landscape design for your Sorrento home. We like to think of ourselves as Sorrento landscape designers without creative boundaries. No landscape design job is too big or too small!

Professional & Licensed Garden Landscapers

We pride ourselves on our professional landscaping services and we are licensed landscape builders with the Victorian Building Authority, licensed for structural landscaping. RR Landscapes is also a member of the Professional Landscaping Industry body 'Landscaping Victoria' and a Master Builder's Master Tradesman. So you can rest assured that your Sorrento homes landscaping will be built to the very best standard.

Sorrento Landscaper Services

Landscape Design Construction Sorrento - Creating a beautiful garden landscape in Sorrento involves a lot more than shoving a few pansies in a pot, or even having a nice lawn. It takes an innate sense of what the garden itself needs in order to display its full glory.

Decking Sorrento - Home owners in Sorrento spend a great deal of time in their gardens. Which is great as we also like to entertain a lot and that's why decking is so important as a deck can only enhance your garden landscape.

Retaining Walls Sorrento - Retaining walls also form an important part of landscape design. Retaining walls create an interesting feature in your garden but also serve to level out previously unuseable areas of your garden and assist to prevent the earth erosion especially on slopes.

Paving Sorrento - There's more to paving than just pathways. A good pathway or paved area, like a driveway or patio will combine form with function. Paving is a great alternative to decking. Paving, unlike concrete, is permeable. That means that water sinks down into the ground and your garden can drink it up. It doesn't puddle on top.

Driveway Design Sorrento - One way to immediately add value in terms of appearance and resale value is a well laid drive and attractive driveway. Licenced with the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping, a member of the Professional Industry body 'Landscaping Victoria', a Master Builder's Master Tradesman Richard Robertson Landscapes is your one stop landscape design and driveway construction company.

Fencing Sorrento - Homes in Sorrento have a fairly open style of living but here are times when a little bit of privacy is essential. Fencing not only gives you privacy, acts as a windbreak and softens sound but it also gives your home a frame, tying it all together beautifully.

Pool Surrounds Sorrento - You can guarantee that you'll find the majority of most home owners in Sorrento are either around the barbeque or in the swimming pool on the hot summer weekends. RR Landscapes create a swimming pool designs with the perfect surround and pool landscaping that works perfectly with your site constraints, your lifestyle and budget, as well as the council and waterboard regulations.

Planting Sorrento - Richard Robertson Landscapes create garden landscapes for Sorrento properties that you love to live in. Gardens that suit your lifestyle and your idea of paradise. It's the power plants that hold the whole idea together.

Garden Irrigation Sorrento - Your Sorrento's garden lawns, plants, trees – they all need care and watering regularly. Automated garden irrigation systems let you enjoy the garden while it does the watering.

Garden Water Features Sorrento - Water features are beautiful additions to any Sorrento garden, no matter what size. The sound of water trickling or tumbling over stones, in fountains, spill ways or water walls is also well known to bring calmness and relaxation to a garden as well as coolness.

Stone Work & Garden Walls Sorrento - Stone adds value to your Sorrento home because of its beauty, endurance and its natural aesthetic. It's the bedrock of great landscaping. That, and the vast colour, shape, size, texture variations of stone make each build unique and add value to your property.

Outdoor Lighting Sorrento - Outdoor lighting gives a garden interesting angles and accents, colours and shapes, mood and shadows. RR Landscapes design and install a perfect lighting solution for your garden landscape.

Outdoor Rooms And Entertainment Areas Sorrento - RR Landscapes design & construct gazebos and pergolas entertainment areas for your Sorrento garden. They can either be brick and stone or wooden structures. Generally, gazebos are octagonal or round and usually turret-shaped.

Garden Privacy Screens Sorrento - Garden privacy screens give you privacy while you enjoy your Sorrento garden but there's no reason why they can't be a design feature. Think of them as garden art. Privacy screens can be made from timber, slats, metal, tile or wrought iron.

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